La Quinta - The Citrus Club & Resort

Min. Invest $25,000
Target Hold 12 mo
Annualized Returns 56%
Progress - 12% Pledged
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Inland Development Company will be building three (3) semi-custom homes in a golf course community called The Citrus Club, which is in the city of La Quinta, California, adjacent to Palm Springs. These single story homes will be approximately 3,500 square feet, with ‘Next-Gen’ guest suites, pools, and large flat lots favorable to both full time residents and/or desert vacationers.

The lots, which happen to be the last available in this community, are being purchased permit/shovel-ready. No entitlement or environmental work will be required.   The homes themselves will take approximately 5 to 6 months to build from ground breaking. All-in, this is a project that can be finished ‘A-Z’ in less than 12 months.   The expected sales prices for each home is $900,000-$1,000,000 – which has been verified by through local brokers and supporting sales data.

In order to show good faith to the investors, the developer will not take any management fees AND they will be investing their own money into the deal as well.  Only after investors receive their guaranteed interest and larger portion of the profit, will the developer receive their share of profits.   Due to this structure, it is expected that the investors will receive a return of 56% or greater on their money, which happens to be a high multiple (1.56) for only a 12 month hold/deal, all while enjoying an ownership position in this project.

Investment Type: Term: Raise Amount:
12 Months $800,000

Build Schedule

August 2019 – Close Escrow/Begin Preparing For Groundbreaking

September 2019 – Begin Construction

February 2020 – Finish Construction

March 2020 – List Homes For Sale

Target Final Sales Date (all 3 homes) of June/July 2020

Financial Summary

The three lots are being purchased for $500,000 total, which equates to approximately $165,000 per site. The developer will spend an additional $1.25M in construction costs and another $300,000 in soft costs.

The total project costs of $2,050,000 will be financed with a 60% LTC “Loan To Cost” construction loan of $1,250,000 and 40% equity from investors totaling $800,000.  With sales ranging from $900,000 to $1M, the expected revenue for all three homes is $2.9M.   The profit after sales commissions is estimated at $700,000, which after a 60/40 split favoring the investors, will result in an ROI of 56% or a multiple of 1.56 to the investors.

Financial Sources

Bank Loan $1,250,000
Investor Equity $800,000

Financial Uses

Land $500,000
Construction $1,250,000
City Fees/Engineering $150,000
Interest Reserve $100,000
Soft Costs $50,000

Profit Analysis

Projected Sales Revenue - $2,900,000

Less Total Costs - $2,050,000

Gross Profit - $850,000

Less Sales Costs/Commissions - $150,000

Net Profit - $700,000

Profit Split

8% Preferred Return/Interest to Investors - $64,000

60% of Remaining Profit to Investors - $381,600

40% of Remaining Profit to Sponsor - $254,400

Total Investor Pref/Profit - $445,600

Total Investor ROI - 56%

Total Investor Multiple - 1.56


La Quinta Overview

The city of La Quinta, California is located in Riverside County in the Coachella Valley and is known as the Gem of the Desert. La Quinta is a picturesque town surrounded almost completely by the Santa Rosa Mountains.  The current population is 41,304 with a Median Household Income of $76,131.  Home to 25 golf courses, 16 parks, and miles of hiking and biking trails, La Quinta is a truly a wonderful place to call home.  

The Citrus Club at La Quinta Resort is a beautiful place to live with a myriad of activities.  The Citrus Club Community boasts a higher than average home price of $918,742 compared to the overall city of La Quinta.  As is evidenced by the recent comparables set forth below.

If you are looking for a beautiful place to live with a wide array of activities, consider moving to The Citrus Club at the La Quinta Resort.  


50675 Cereza

50675 Cereza, La Quinta 92253 - SOLD

3 Beds - 3 Baths - 3,020 sqft - 8,712 sqft lot

$346/per foot sales price



79338 Cetrino

79338 Cetrino, La Quinta 92253 - SOLD

4 Beds - 4 Baths - 3,771 sqft - 14,375 sqft lot

$271/per foot sales price


50565 Breva St, La Quinta, CA – SOLD (SAME STREET)

5 Beds – 7 Baths – 7,980 sqft – 29,621 sqft lot

$256/per foot sales price


79178 Cetrino

79178 Cetrino, La Quinta 92253 - SOLD (May 2019)

4 Beds - 1 Full Baths - 3 Half Baths - 3,771 sqft - 15,682 sqft lot

$358/per foot sales price



79835 Sandia

79835 Sandia, La Quinta 92253 - ACTIVE LISTING

3 Beds - 3 Baths - 3,417 sqft - 9,148 sqft lot

$352/per foot sales price



50727 Cereza

50727 Cereza, La Quinta 92253 - ACTIVE LISTING

3 Beds - 3 Baths - 3,466 sqft - 7,841 sqft lot

$316/per foot sales price



50862 Cereza

50862 Cereza, La Quinta 92253 - ACTIVE LISTING

3 Beds - 3 Baths - 3,020 sqft - 8,276 sqft lot

$278/per foot sales price